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Are you missing out on free business opportunities with LinkedIn?

Are you capitalising on every available opportunity to promote your business and put it in front of potential customers? Advertising and marketing can pay dividends, but there are lots of other ways to put yourself centre stage, including the online networking platform LinkedIn.

Viewed by many as just a job search tool, LinkedIn now has 675m members in more than 200 countries and 30m registered businesses. That’s a lot of potential customers and connections! And with networking groups suspended or meeting virtually during the current crisis, it’s worth revisiting your profile to make sure you’re capitalising on any potential openings. Plus, unless you opt for Premium membership, it’s completely free to use.

So why should you invest in your LinkedIn profile? There are probably more reasons than you think…

  • Build confidence in your brand – not only can you promote your business, but you can also use powerful third-party endorsement by asking happy customers and clients to appraise your skills and upload recommendations
  • Boost your Google ranking – LinkedIn profiles are strongly recognised as it’s a professional networking community. Plus, if someone Googles your name, it’s great if your LinkedIn profile is top of the search list rather than a dodgy Facebook photo!
  • Share industry news – put yourself at the centre of topical discussions, and reinforce your credibility by sharing relevant and interesting news stories
  • Manage your contacts – it’s easy to lose a name or number of someone you do business with, but if you connect on LinkedIn their details are always readily available
  • Network – there are thousands of connections at your fingertips, and you can build common interest groups that focus on specific issues and business areas

LinkedIn offers other benefits, too, including a job search facility with specific recommendations aligned to your own skills and experience. So if you’re not an active member of the world’s biggest online professional networking platform, you could be missing out on a whole host of business opportunities.

So what does a sparkling LinkedIn profile look like and how can you make sure yours is up to scratch? There are some simple dos and don’ts, like choosing a professional photo and checking your spelling and grammar. Not everyone can write flowing prose, or sell themselves in words, but a small investment can pay big dividends, so it’s worth getting professional help to craft a profile that makes you stand out.

And it’s not enough just to have a great LinkedIn profile; you need to actively engage in the community. Sharing and commenting help to build credibility and get you and your business noticed.

Discovery PA Solutions offers a complete audit of your LinkedIn profile, together with a best practice guide and 1:1 call to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to use LinkedIn more effectively and capitalise on every opportunity.

We’ll guide you through the key features and settings and advise on content creation so you can connect with your audience and grow your LinkedIn community with an engaging and informative feed.

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