Top Ten Tips for Effective Email Management

Thirty minutes? One hour? How long do you spend checking emails every day? It’s probably longer than you think. According to Entrepreneur magazine, the average person gets 121 emails per day. That’s a lot of emails! Email has changed the way the world communicates and has dramatically increased productivity and efficiency in…

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Networking the Happy Way

Marmite. They say we either love it or hate it. The same can be said for networking. Whether you like it or not though, the truth is that if you’re serious about promoting your business, networking is key. According to Robert Kiyosaki, “The richest people in the world look for…

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1st Business Birthday

My first year in the freelance world as a Virtual Assistant and business owner has flown by in the blink of an eye. Has it been exciting? You bet it has, but at times my adventure has brought some fear and uncertainty. I wondered if I would be able to…

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Making school holidays work when running a business

It’s hard to believe that the Easter holidays are nearly here. It feels like only five minutes since the chaos of Christmas hit every parent. We now have two weeks of Easter egg hunts, den making, picnics, beach trips, long walks, tantrums, grazed knees and of course lots of noise…you know the drill.

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Clear that desk!

I am a huge fan of a clear desk and I really think it helps with productivity and concentration. There is much debate over whether a tidy desk stifles creativity but personally I think clutter can cause unnecessary stress and wastes a lot of time.

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