Clear that desk!

Clear that desk!

I am a huge fan of a clear desk and I really think it helps with productivity and concentration. There is much debate over whether a tidy desk stifles creativity but personally I think clutter can cause unnecessary stress and wastes a lot of time.

Follow these ten tips to give your workspace a quick makeover:

  1. Start with completely clearing your desk (including the drawers) and putting it into a neat pile on the floor.
  2. Get the duster out and anti-bac wipes and give everything a good wipe over, don’t forget the phone and screen.
  3. Now is the perfect time to refresh the position of your computer screen, calendar or even the desk itself. Have you been having any back or neck pain after sitting for some time? This Medical News article shares some great tips for a healthy posture, like how to sit correctly in your chair and how to place your monitor at the correct eye level.
  4. Go through everything in the pile on the floor and divide it into three; things to keep, things to file away and things to destroy.
  5. You can now surrender the masses of unused stationery that you have been hoarding (and not using!) for the last 12 months. If you like to support British made products you can find some great stationery ideas here at Make It British.
  6. Return only the essential items to the desk, things you use the most, and place them within arm’s reach.
  7. A two-tier tray system on the top of your desk will help you find important documents quickly – use one tray for completed/pending papers and the other for new papers.
  8. Use any drawers for items that are not used frequently but you still require. If there are small items a basket is a great way to keep the drawer neat. If you don’t have any drawers there are some great organisers for shelving available to keep everything looking neat and tidy.
  9. Going forward do not wait until your desk is a mess again to act. Spend the last few minutes of each day returning everything to the right place and when you return in the morning you can focus on the tasks ahead.
  10. Finally, imagine you are the client visiting your office and view your desk from their perspective. The impression you make on them could make the difference of working with them or not.

Let me know how you get on and share a before and after picture! If you have a bigger workspace and you need some support to organise it then please get in touch.

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