They say two heads are better than one, and sometimes it’s good to have a second opinion or someone completely neutral to bounce ideas off.

Years of experience in a variety of business sectors enable me to offer you that critical second brain, harnessing your best ideas and providing an honest opinion on the ones that aren’t so great! I’ll be on the end of the phone – or sat next to you at the coffee table – to offer impartial feedback and constructive criticism, helping you to make the right choices to keep your business on track.

Running a business can be a lonely path to tread, and sometimes it’s hard to step outside and see the bigger picture. I can provide invaluable help with decision-making and moral support, offering a shoulder in tougher times and an enthusiastic partner for blue-sky thinking.

Occasionally business partners can’t come to an agreement on an issue, and I can step in there too. Having a trusted third party to arbitrate can be the most constructive way to move forward and make a decision. So whenever you need an extra brain, give me a call!