Your website is your shop window – it’s where customers come to browse your wares, and you have only a few seconds to grab their attention. Does your home page make people want to click through or click off?

I can provide a comprehensive review of your site, highlighting best practice and flagging any issues that could turn off potential customers, from no-go colours to overly wordy pages and incomprehensible navigation bars. Simplicity is the key, and I can rewrite copy to capitalise on SEO and fine-tune messaging.

Your website should spell out what you do and make it easy for customers to engage without having to hunt for the product or service they need. And your social media platforms and apps – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and perhaps even TikTok – should carry the same consistent messaging and original content.

I can offer content suggestions for web and social media, including blogs and thought leadership pieces, and create and schedule social media posts to ensure you’re involved in relevant online conversations.