I know I make a real difference in people’s businesses, but don’t just take my word for it, here is what they have said about me.

Michelle epitomises the definition of a first-class VA/PA. Not only is she thoroughly on top of her own workload, she's also the 'wing-woman' that keeps me ahead of myself - no mean feat given the multitude of businesses in which I am involved and which she helps me to lead. Bright, committed, adaptable, responsible, flexible, creative and energised are all words that readily spring to mind in describing Michelle - she's a rare find in what seems to be an increasing world of mediocrity. Indeed, it's striking that I regularly get direct positive feedback from others about how pleasurable it is to work with her - confirming it's not just my own bias. In the working-world equivalent of fantasy football, she would 100% be one of my star players and she makes a great addition to anyone's team. I could wax lyrical for many more paragraphs about just how much of a difference she's made to my life, but then, selfishly, I'd further increase the risk of too many others also wanting her time :-). More pragmatically, if you want an outstanding VA/PA that will help you grow to the next level and you're lucky enough to be able to offer her a role that she is able to accept, seize the moment and know that every penny you invest in her will return its' weight in proverbial 'gold'.

As a business owner, I always find that the extra little bit of help from time to time, can give you the space you need to review your business, as well as take stock in your own life. Therefore asking Michelle to do a project for us was a no brainer. Michelle's work etc and approach is second to none, and Pecunia (2016) Ltd would not hesitate to use her again in the future or recommend her to help with those really annoying admin jobs that you have hanging around that need to be done, but you never get round to. If you suffer from that, then give Michelle a call!

Michelle is a highly competent and committed VA who provides the most outstanding VA services. I would recommend Michelle wholeheartedly. I am fortunate that Michelle is working on my projects and this allows me the time to get on myself. Michelle carries out extensive research in a timely and organised manner. She tackles every task with precision and dedication. She is positive and upbeat and is a pleasure to know.

Michelle has a high attention to detail and is extremely conscientious, ensuring that if she starts a piece of work, that she sees it through to its natural and desired completion. She successfully oversaw several key projects for the business including the move across of the entire operation to a new IT platform, as well as the implementation of GDPR compliance.

For the 3 years that Michelle has worked for me directly, I found her to be incredibly hard working , efficient , enthusiastic with a positive can do attitude and a fantastic work ethic. She was hugely supportive in my role and I know she would be an absolute asset to any other business.

I meet Michelle about two years ago and was instantly drawn to her. She has such a warm, kind, and caring personality and always there to give advice and support you. She also has such a wonderful smile that comes from the heart. I have recently been working with Michelle as I needed guidance and knowledge on all aspects of social media and on running my business effectively and she is brilliant at brainstorming ideas. Michelle has created a LinkedIn audit package and best practice guide which has been brilliant for me and so informative. I would highly recommend Michelle’s package to really get your LinkedIn profile the best it can be. She is a delight to work with.

I would like to take this opportunity in recommending Michelle Dowsett at Discovery PA Solutions. Michelle goes above and beyond, exceeding all expectations. She encompasses what the project is and fulfils the requirements from start to finish.

I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough, in the short time that we have worked together, Michelle has made a real impact on me and my business. Whether this is through her extensive knowledge of LinkedIn and other systems, organisation and business advice/support. I can safely say I wouldn't be as far down the road if I didn't have Michelle in my corner, I find her passion and support very motivating and she gives me the help and platform to improve my business.

In business, you need to trust people with the important tasks that essentially run your business. If they fail, you fail so it is vital you choose the right people for those tasks. Michelle and Discovery PA are the BEST at what they do. They do it without fuss and by getting into your business to fully understand how it works and how she can best support you. I am not the best person to handle organisation, I am chaos incarnate. Michelle and her team have managed to make me look organised, professional and managing my time effectively. She did this by getting "into" my business and ensuring I am fully appraised of what is happening and when. I am hopeful that Community Driving School CIC will be going national in the next 18-24 months and it will be because of Michelle and her team that we are at this stage. There is nobody I trust more to be beside us when we take this huge step. Thank you, Michelle and team, we are here because you are.

Michelle is a joy to work with! She is extremely efficient and delivers her services in a very personable and thoughtful manner. She is the embodiment of professional integrity and quickly gains trust. Michelle has helped me build a solid foundation to my business focusing on compliance and creating a robust ‘back office’ structure. Simultaneously she has been upskilling my digital efficiency which has been immensely beneficial saving me a tremendous amount of time! What I like most about Michelle’s services is the value she brings to every conversation. She listens to your challenges and then identifies the critical tasks that need to be worked on and then suggests other considerations and impacts. Yes, she is responsive and resourceful but also forward-thinking and strategic. I enjoy working with Michelle and really value her opinions. Michelle undoubtedly will help me reach my business goals through her diligence, support and guidance and I know I'll enjoy her company and have fun along the way! Thank you for all you do!

Michelle Dowsett is the most helpful and effective person I have had the pleasure to work with. Nothing is too much trouble and when she says she will do something it is always professional. I would always trust Michelle to work on behalf of my business as she has integrity, the passion to make sure its what I want and always delivers on time. Thank you, Michelle, you will always be someone I would call on if I am short of time or looking for professional assistance to achieve my goals.

Michelle has been a great help in assisting me with some large corporate events. From creating customer feedback forms to being apart of my event team and assisting with attendee registrations. Michelle works wells under pressure and is calm and collective, nothing seems to faze her. She has excellent communication skills and is a natural friendly, helpful character. Which are great skills to have when being a PA as no two days are the same. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle and her business to anyone seeking a PA and admin support.

Michelle is an absolute joy to work with. As a highly valued and well respected member of my BBN Networking group, Michelle has helped many of the group with valuable tips and advice, including an excellently delivered powerpoint presentation to 54 business people, on which I received tremendous feedback. Michelle is brilliant at building and maintaining relationships, she is always happy to help people, is super efficient, mega organised and ultra reliable. As a result the demand for Michelle's services is constantly increasing, as she would be an asset to any business.

Michelle was a loyal and hard working employee, who always delivered to a very high standard in all aspects of her role. I always found Michelle to be very positive in all she achieved, even during difficult times. A good communicator, and a very pleasant manner in dealing with both the people she worked for and those who worked for her.

Michelle has been part of the Women In Business North Kent and Medway Group for well over a year. She is part of the core team that helps the group move forward and works for the good of our group with the social media, inspirational quotes, keeping our members up to date with things happening at meetings and helping our members with their own social media. Since being part of our core group she has made life so much easier taking tasks that were becoming overwhelming for me and dealing quickly and efficiently with them. She is such a valued member of the group and the ladies love her. She has a passionate to help people in business but also with charities. I can highly recommend her for her skills as a VA and an organsationaly events you want to create. Thank you Michelle for being such a big part of WiB.

Michelle is not only professional and efficient, and conscientious. She takes time to understand her clients and their business and cares about what it means to them. Michelle as an active member of Women in Business gave a workshop on LinkedIn and how to maximise it for your business. She then included an individual audit. Michelle sent her results in a video to show LinkedIn. It was so clearly explained and the recommendations and tips were great and doable. I would trust Michelle implicitly with all aspects of my business and the time she saves you is priceless. Michelle you’re a wonderful person and I wish you continued success with the amazing service you provide Kindest regards Andrea

I recently spoke with Michelle about her LinkedIn Audit service she provides. I knew there were a number of things I could do to improve my Linkedin profile and company page, but I was not sure what to do or where to start. All I can say is that I’m so glad I went ahead with the Audit. Michelle provided a comprehensive bespoke review of my LinkedIn profile which was also screen recorded. I’ve already found it very helpful to be able to refer back to as there was so much valuable content that she helped me with. In addition to this, she also provided me with a detailed audit document of my profile with recommendations, as well as a comprehensive best guide practice. I was very impressed with how thorough the audit was, and there’s one thing for sure, this is going to keep me busy for a while. Michelle is great to work with, and she also arranged a follow-up call on Zoom to make sure I understood everything and answered any other questions I had. If you’re looking for a professional and comprehensive Linkedin Audit of your profile, then I highly recommend you get in touch with Michelle.

When it was suggested to me perhaps a VA could help me manage and grow my business, I wasn’t sure. After all I was managing well enough myself. However very soon after being introduced to Michelle I was wondering how I’d managed without her. Michelle is a great ambassador – she is well presented and confident yet friendly and warm. She takes on any task with enthusiasm, whilst I may have had an inward groan about something on the to do list, I never detected even the slightest reluctance from Michelle. Her attitude was always “Yes, no problem”. It never feels Michelle is just doing her job, I feel she cares about my business and is truly with me. I can honestly say everything Michelle is asked to do is completed thoroughly and in good time. My company benefitted from Michelle’s experience as she was able to suggest ideas, apps to use, systems to adopt. Michelle will quickly become indispensable to you and your business.

I had never tried a Virtual Assistant before, until I met Michelle, and started to use her; she is brilliant, high performance, very scheduled, and because of her it was the first time in more than 4 years, I had a holiday without any interruption from work emails or work phones. She is very well organised, a perfect advisor and she knows very well what she is doing. As a business owner I highly recommend Discovery PA Solutions, and for sure I will keep using her always.

Michelle has been supporting me with marketing my business and she took time to understand my brand and what i wanted to achieve. she has great communication skills and is someone who confidently makes valuable suggestions. I would happily recommend her.

I used Michelle last year, she supported me with a one-off project. She completed detailed online research and then helped me to write the content for the submission of my business grant application. Thanks to Michelle I was able to submit a very detailed polished and professional application and was successful in getting the grant.

She is always enthusiastic and dedicated and wants to see a project through with the upmost dedication. She is a perfectionist in my opinion but this adds so much to the quality of her work and her approach. A great person to know and work with, a real pleasure.

Michelle is so efficient! Her solutions are fabulous and will guide you through any difficulty with clarity and patience. She makes short work of any problem, whats not to like! Thank you Michelle

Since meeting Michelle in early 2019 she has quickly become a go-to person for my business. Michelle is helpful, effective and honest, which is essential to an effective working relationship.

Michelle is a complete professional who has an incredible ability to deal with any situation. Her thorough and dedicated approach ensures her work is always of a high standard and her communication style gets the best out of people. It is evident that she wants the businesses around her to thrive. Michelle has been an invaluable support during my first year of business and I look forward to working with her in the future.

I used Discovery PA Solutions to help with recruiting a new member of staff to join Pest-Tech Ltd. Michelle was absolutely fantastic in holding my hand through the process so to speak and also completing all the administration due to me being very busy. She was absolutely outstanding all through the process and helped me so much. Her assistance on this occasion also helped me to have the confidence when I needed to go through the process again. If you ever need the help of a VA then I can't recommend Discovery PA Solutions enough. A great service and Michelle is so friendly it makes any problem easy to resolve. Thank you for your help.

Brilliant service every time. We needed support with training for our new project manager as our business expands. Michelle's support was absolutely priceless - providing lots of practical advice and well-informed ideas that helped us all understand how to get the most out of the appointment. Having Michelle to turn to whenever we need her wisdom has been invaluable.

I can't thank Michelle enough for the great LinkedIn Audit that she has done for me. She has comprehensively gone through my LinkedIn profile and pointed out what needs amending and made loads of suggestions to help me to improve it. Her video and audit pack were very easy to follow and we had a great follow-up call last night when she answered all my questions and helped me online to make some of the necessary changes. She even sent me a follow-up page with further suggestions that I can use to "up my profile" on LinkedIn. Can highly recommend Michelle to do your LinkedIn Audit as you will be so pleased at how she helps you to make any changes needed. Wonderful service.