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Why a virtual assistant could transform your business

As your business grows and you find yourself juggling your time more frequently, you’ll reach a point when you need to consider taking on extra help.

A cluttered inbox, missed appointments and putting off invoicing are all signs that you could do with another pair of hands, but do you need a permanent member of staff or would a virtual assistant be a better option?

It could be that you’re much busier at certain times of the year, or you take on a big project that requires additional support for a specified period. A virtual assistant would be the ideal solution in both of these scenarios, and there are many more reasons why using one could transform your business and ensure it runs efficiently:

FLEXIBILITY: You decide how much time you need from your virtual assistant. It could be a regular weekly or monthly commitment or a more ad-hoc arrangement dependent on how busy you are. You’re in control of just how much time your virtual assistant dedicates to your business.

ZERO OVERHEADS: You don’t need to provide an office or equipment such as laptops and printers. Virtual assistants work from their own premises using their own equipment, heating, energy and coffee – all you are buying is time!

NO PAYE, HOLIDAY OR SICK PAY: If you employ a member of staff, you need to manage their tax, National Insurance and pension as well as pay holiday and sick pay. With a virtual assistant, everything is covered so there’s no extra admin involved and no holidays or sick pay to factor in.

COST: A virtual assistant is the most cost-effective way to hire someone to support your business. There are no hidden charges, you agree the fees in advance and can budget accordingly. I provide my clients with a detailed time tracking report, and they are billed in 15-minute increments, so they know exactly what they are paying for.

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: If you hire a new member of staff to help with admin, chances are you’ll only be able to afford someone junior with limited experience. With a virtual assistant, you’ll benefit from years of experience, exceptional organisational skills and a suite of professional services – plus you can check what existing clients say before you make the commitment.

BUSINESS ACUMEN: Many virtual assistants have a comprehensive CV covering previous business roles such as HR, management, customer service, marketing and public relations. All of these assets are part of the package! You can use your virtual assistant as a sounding board, a second business brain or a trusted confidante to help with decision making and to organise and streamline your business processes.

So if you never get to the end of that ‘to-do’ list or have a stack of invoices that need sending out, it’s worth considering whether a virtual assistant could ease the burden and help your business run more efficiently.

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